Helping you Access Capital, Monetize IP, Open Markets

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The Approach

Access Capital


Every business needs capital to fuel its operation.  

Connecting you to incubators, accelerators, and angel investors gets your enterprise going.

With traditional financing, crowdfunding and digital tokens, guiding you through the maze of securities regulations allows you to realize your funding aspirations.

Monetize Intellectual Property


Whether you're a blockchain company building an application, a biotechnology firm developing a cure, or a media outfit putting out content, protecting this intellectual property is crucial for getting paid for it on the one hand and attracting investors who facilitate your future on the other. 

Building a brand with trademark protection or copyrighting software and content are the building blocks of this effort.  Knowing when to bring in patent expertise or turning to trade secrets rounds out the elements of the conversation that guidance propels towards success.

Open Markets


Defining the most profitable markets in the short, medium and long term is the necessary exercise for companies to meet their promise and scale up.  

Each one of these markets at any given time presents entry barriers that must be overcome for you to prosper.

Regulatory compliance hurdles at the state, federal and international level are there to pass through without interference given proper guidance.